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For SO many of us women out there, there is just nothing stronger than that maternal desire to be a Mom!

These days, I believe that our culture and the society that we live in is super supportive and encourages women to rock all kinds of roles! And nowadays women are taking on leadership and influential positions in all different types of areas and are KILLING IT! Yet no matter how successful and fulfilling these careers, hobbies, passion projects, and relationships can be, for many women there is still that need and deep desire to be a Mom that just cannot be fulfilled by anything else.

And for the many women who are blessed to be able to call Mom their number one job and priority all while juggling super successful careers/hobbies/projects, or the incredible women who have the privilege and strength to stay home and manage the household full time, there are so many women out there… TOO MANY women out there in fact, who despite their super fulfilling lives still feel a deep need to be a mother, and for some reason or another they cannot.

So while our culture today is increasingly supportive of women finding their passions and using all their strengths, it seems that another area of strength this day in age is the problem of infertility among women. My heart breaks for the women that want nothing more than to exercise their privilege of becoming a mother, and yet they cannot for whatever reason.

I have a number of my own thoughts and ideas on why Infertility has become such a common problem, but regardless of the reasons why it is a problem, I do feel deeply for those whom it effects.

According to a recent article:

  • About 60% of couples conceive without assistance within one year of trying! What!? Really?? 60%! This is not that many!!!
  • 1 in 8 couples are struggling with infertility issues.

With the increased difficulty in getting pregnant, coupled with the increasing number of roles, responsibilities, and positions we are seeing women enter into in our society, I think that Surrogacy is such an amazing thing. The ability and opportunity for women to help and support other women through this struggle, understand what it is to be a mother, and be able to help maker that a reality in another women’s life is one of the most beautiful things.