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Miami Beach in Florida

Florida is a surrogacy-friendly state for both gestational carriers and intended parents. So whether you’re a woman interested in becoming a surrogate and giving the precious gift of parenthood  – or intended parents hoping to grow your family through the surrogacy process – you’ll be happy to know you can do both in the state of Florida.

In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about surrogacy in Florida, including the laws, process, and costs as well as how to find the right surrogacy agency to start your journey.

What Are The Surrogacy Laws In Florida?

Whether you live in a large city like Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, Miami, Tampa, or anywhere in between, surrogacy in Florida is completely legal. 

In fact, Florida surrogacy is a well-regulated process that protects the rights of both intended parents and surrogates alike. This leads to an efficient and safe surrogacy journey for all involved.

Gestational surrogacy is governed by Fla. Stat. Chapter §742. A gestational surrogacy arrangement requires a genetic relationship with at least one of the intended parents, and no genetic relationship with the surrogate mother. 

While surrogacy in Florida is permitted by statute, surrogacy contracts will not be enforceable unless the Intended Parents are married and all parties to the contract are 18 years of age or older, pursuant to Florida Ch. 742.15 FL Stat. 

Pre-birth parentage orders are strongly suggested (though not required) to be filed once the pregnancy reaches the second trimester. This is the easiest way to establish parentage, and makes it a more seamless process for everyone involved. 

With a pre-birth order, surrogates won’t ever have to appear in court since the statute eliminates the need for post-birth legal proceedings. Keep in mind though that in Florida, pre-birth parentage orders are typically only available to married couples (same-sex or heterosexual) where at least one Intended Parent shares a genetic relationship with the child. 

If neither Intended Parent shares a genetic relationship with the child, or in a traditional surrogacy arrangement where the surrogate mother is biologically related to the child, a post-birth adoption must be completed to terminate the surrogate’s parental rights and establish those of the Intended Parents’, pursuant to Fla. State § 63.213.

How Do I Become A Surrogate Mother In Florida?

Holding baby's hand

Surrogacy is a beautiful way to help another couple experience the joy of parenthood. When you become a surrogate, you are offering your most precious resource, yourself, to help make a family’s dreams come true.

“The best part of being a surrogate is when the parents meet their child for the first time. Their joy and just knowing that you were able to give them that gift, that’s the best part.” – Alisha K., 3x Surrogate

That being said, surrogacy can be a strenuous journey, so you’ll need to be prepared. You can expect to undergo a rigorous screening process designed to make sure you are physically and emotionally prepared for surrogacy. 

Additionally, in order to qualify as a surrogate in Florida with our agency, you must meet the following surrogate requirements for Surrogacy By Faith:

  • Must be 21-37 years old
  • U.S. citizen
  • Non-smoker in excellent health
  • Within a healthy height and weight ratio, with a BMI of 29 or below
  • Have a healthy reproductive history and given birth to at least one child that you are raising
  • Had all previous births occurring at 36 weeks gestation or later (unless a multiple pregnancy) without complications
  • Not be receiving any state or federal financial aid
  • Be willing to undergo subcutaneous and intramuscular injections


If you are interested in learning more about becoming a Florida surrogate with Surrogacy By Faith, please complete our initial Inquiry Form to get started.

What Is The Cost Of Surrogacy In Florida?

As you research surrogacy, you’ll likely find many estimates for how much your Florida surrogacy costs will be. While these numbers can be helpful, you won’t truly know your estimated total cost until speaking with a surrogacy professional. 

Every surrogacy journey is different, which means the total cost will be too. Our knowledgeable specialists at Surrogacy By Faith are always happy to discuss what the surrogacy costs in Florida with our agency might be.

What Makes Up The Cost Of Surrogacy In Florida 

In general, the entire surrogacy process in Florida averages about $80,000–$125,000 or more. A lot of that cost is due to the medical procedures that are part of the surrogacy process, like fertility medication, embryo transfers and costs associated with the surrogate mother’s pregnancy. 

How much you spend on the medical side can vary, depending on how long it takes for your surrogate to become pregnant and other variables. In addition to covering the cost of pregnancy-related expenses, your total cost will include your surrogate’s base compensation and may include additional expenses related to pregnancy wellness.

It’s important for intended parents to keep in mind that these costs are all part of ensuring that your surrogate has a healthy and stress-free pregnancy to give your baby the best possible outcome.

Plus if you work with an agency, there will be agency fees. But keep in mind agencies provide a lot of valuable services to help you in your surrogacy journey. Services such as; prescreening and matching you with an amazing surrogate mother, managing your surrogacy trust account, providing access to any legal services you’ll need, and helping you navigate any challenges you may encounter along the way.

So while you might initially be thinking you could avoid some fees by doing without an agency, if you want the smoothest surrogacy journey possible, using a reputable and reliable surrogacy agency is definitely the way to go. 

The surrogacy process can be challenging. You want someone on your team who understands the ins and outs of surrogacy in Florida and can be there for you, every step of the way. 

Looking For A Surrogate In Florida: The Process

The surrogacy process in Florida, while exciting, can also seem a little overwhelming at first. That’s completely understandable. 

But don’t worry, many surrogates and hopeful parents have successfully made the journey you’re about to embark on. And while they might have experienced some challenges along the way, they’d almost universally say that surrogacy is truly a beautiful life changing experience like no other.

While the entire surrogacy process can last well over a year, looking at the individual steps can help you get a good idea of what to expect.

  • Both surrogate and intended parents will need to find an agency operating in Florida that they wish to work with and apply. 
  • Surrogates need to meet all the necessary requirements including medical and psychological evaluations, drug test, background check, etc.
  • Intended parents can start the IVF process and fertility treatments needed to create a viable embryo. 
  • The surrogacy agency will facilitate a match between intended parents and the right surrogate mother to carry their child.
  • Lawyers will draft a surrogacy contract.
  • The surrogate begins fertility treatments and medications and then undergoes an embryo transfer.
  • Once the pregnancy is confirmed, the intended parents can petition the Florida court for a pre-birth order to establish themselves as legal parents on the birth certificate.


Finding The Best Surrogacy Agencies In Florida

Pregnant belly

Whether you’re a potential surrogate or an intended parent, it’s important to find the best surrogacy agency for you. An agency that shares your values, and can meet your family’s unique needs.

There are many agencies that coordinate surrogacy in Florida, and each one operates just a little bit differently. 

So how do you choose the right Florida surrogacy agency for you? A good place to start is by making a list of the selection criteria you feel is most important.

Ask yourself… What do I want most from an agency and my surrogacy journey?

Are you looking for a relationship-based agency that encourages intended parents and their surrogate to bond throughout the journey and beyond? Or do you prefer less contact, particularly after the birth? 

Are you looking for a faith-based surrogacy agency with Christian values? Or an agency that takes a secular approach to the surrogacy process? 

It’s important to do a little soul searching and determine what is truly important to you. This initial list will be your guide as you begin researching surrogacy agencies in Florida to find the perfect fit.

Can I Use Surrogacy By Faith If I Live In Florida?

Yes, absolutely you can! At Surrogacy By Faith, we can help you navigate every step of your surrogacy journey, whether you live in Florida or in any other surrogacy-friendly state.

Choosing the right agency is important to having a successful, meaningful, and positive surrogacy journey. For us, surrogacy is more than just a business: it’s a mission. We are a Christian agency dedicated to helping grow families by the grace of God… one surrogacy at a time. 

We use our faith and values as guiding principles for providing the best possible experience for everyone. In fact, surrogates and intended parents alike have said that working with us was both fulfilling and life-changing.

Why Choose Surrogacy By Faith

At Surrogacy By Faith we enjoy taking the time to really get to know our surrogates and intended parents. Our friendships last far beyond the end of the surrogacy journey. 

We are a relationship-based agency. That means we encourage intended parents to form a special bond with their surrogate mother. Feeling like you are “in this together” and being able to share in the entire pregnancy and birth experience is a beautiful part of the path to parenthood.

Since most agency staff members at Surrogacy By Faith have also been surrogates themselves, we understand the surrogacy process on a spiritual and emotional level. This allows us to offer experienced advice through all the phases of your surrogacy journey.

Surrogacy By Faith upholds our strong family values in everything we do. We are one of the only surrogacy agencies in the country that does not support fetal reduction and/or pregnancy termination.

If there ever comes a point in the pregnancy where your treating physician suggests termination for medical reasons, Surrogacy By Faith’s very specific, one-of-kind legal contract gives our surrogates the final choice, without being in breach of contract. 

Why should you choose Surrogacy By Faith? It’s simple – we are God-lead!

Start Your Florida Surrogacy Journey With Us

If you are interested in learning more about starting your surrogacy journey in Florida with Surrogacy By Faith, either as a surrogate or as intended parents, please complete the appropriate inquiry form to get started:


After an initial conversation, you can decide if you are ready to start your surrogacy journey with our agency. If yes, you’ll begin the pre screening process and move forward from there.

God bless you as you take your first steps of your surrogacy journey!

“For this child I prayed and the Lord has granted the desires of my heart.” Samuel 1:27


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