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Whether you are an intended parent looking to connect with a surrogate, or a potential candidate hoping to find the perfect family to work with, there’s a lot to learn when it comes to surrogacy. The fact that laws differ for surrogacy by location sometimes only further complicates the start of your journey. Those beginning the process of surrogacy in Nevada might wonder if the same rules and restrictions in neighboring states apply to them. For you, we say have no fear — our surrogacy in Nevada go-to guide is here!

Choosing surrogacy in Nevada can be not only a heart-felt decision, but also a wise one for intended parents ready to build a family. This is because Nevada has  a surrogacy-friendly legal framework in place, highly-qualified medical professionals, and a welcoming community of surrogacy agencies. In short, this state is the ideal destination for surrogacy. With its renowned reputation and commitment to protecting the rights and interests of all parties involved, Nevada offers a structurally sound and nurturing environment for those in the surrogacy process

Why Choose Surrogacy in Nevada? 

Nevada is not only a wonderful place for surrogacy — it’s considered to be one of the best in the country. Read on to learn more about why surrogacy in Nevada is right for you. 

Does Nevada Allow a Pre-Birth Order?

Yes, Nevada allows a pre-birth order. This is one of the reasons it is a surrogacy-friendly state. A pre-birth order is a legal document that establishes the intended parents’ parental rights before the child is born. Many states only allow parental rights after birth. 

What is a Pre-Birth Order? 

A pre-birth order is a legal document typically issued in the context of gestational surrogacy arrangements — where the surrogate mother has no biological link to the child. It establishes the parental rights of the intended parents before the child is born. This means intended parents are recognized as the legal parents of the child from the moment of birth, not after, and immediately lists their names on the birth certificate. It also specifies that the gestational surrogate has no parental rights or obligations, despite having carried the child, and that the intended parents are the rightful guardians. 

Pre-birth orders can be considered crucial in surrogacy arrangements as they help prevent potential complications. They are beneficial to both intended parents and surrogate mothers, and are highly sought after by those on the surrogate journey. 

Nevada Surrogacy Law

Nevada is one of many surrogacy-friendly states, but its laws differ from surrogacy in California and other neighboring states. Here’s a breakdown of what to know when it comes to Nevada surrogacy law. 

Is Surrogacy Legal in Nevada? 

Yes, surrogacy is legal in Nevada. The state has clear and accommodating laws that support surrogacy arrangements. Nevada’s surrogacy laws have been written to honor and protect not only the rights of the intended parents, but also gestational surrogates and the child. 

Nevada is known for having legal professionals who are well-versed in surrogacy. The state’s legal expertise has helped make it a reputable surrogacy-friendly state. 

Is Surrogacy in Las Vegas Different?

Surrogacy in Las Vegas is not necessarily different from other cities and towns  in Nevada or even in the United States. It shares the same legal regulations and procedural steps. But the one thing that sets Las Vegas apart is the sheer number of surrogacy agencies and facilities available within the city. As the largest city in the state by population, Las Vegas simply has a higher range of options, making it a popular surrogacy destination. 

Any differences experienced by surrogates or intended parents in Las Vegas can be attributed to the specific agency they have chosen to work with. But the laws and framework for the entire state of Nevada apply to Las Vegas.

What Makes Nevada Surrogacy Agencies Best? 

Nevada surrogacy agencies are considered some of the best in the country, and for good reason. They have connections with legal experts who guarantee surrogacy agreements are protected and pre-birth orders are obtainable. They are also able to match intended parents with qualified surrogates, assist with the legal processes, connect surrogates with medical experts, and give emotional support.

Surrogacy in Nevada FAQs

Now that you understand a little bit more about what makes Nevada an ideal state for your surrogacy journey, here are a few more questions that you might need answering. 

How do you Become a Surrogate in Nevada?

Want to know how to become a surrogate in Nevada? Start by contacting a surrogacy agency such as Surrogacy by Faith.  Begin by connecting with a professional to go over any questions you might have. You can either fill out our Surrogate Initial Inquiry Form, or call us at (310) 908-3323. Our staff will be happy to personally walk you through the process, and even give their own testimonials – as they’ve all been surrogates themselves! We pride ourselves on being transparent and supportive towards all of our applicants, and would love to educate you more about the beautiful and fulfilling path that awaits you by becoming a surrogate. 

Certain screenings are necessary to make sure surrogacy is right for you. You need to have had a successful previous pregnancy, you should be disease-free, and you should live a healthy lifestyle. This includes not smoking or using any tobacco products, as well as using illicit drugs. You also must be a US citizen between the ages of 21 to 43 years old. 

How do you Hire a Surrogate in Nevada as an Intended Parent?

The most important part in starting the surrogacy process as intended parents is to find an agency to work with that respects your wants and needs. Next, you will go through surrogacy screenings to see if you qualify, and then find your match! Once you’ve found your surrogate, you sign a surrogacy contract and the medical process begins.

When pregnancy is confirmed, you can usually expect to enjoy pre-birth visits. This is also the time to speak with your agency about the legal process of obtaining a pre-birth order. When the baby is born, your life as parents either begins or continues!

How do you Match with an Intended Parent if you are a Surrogate in Nevada?

A good surrogacy agency will make sure that both the intended parents and surrogate are happy with their match. This means showing intended parents a surrogate’s profile and vice versa. The important thing is that both parties feel that their values align and that they can work well together.

When both the surrogate and intended parents agree that they are a good match, your specialist will begin the process of introducing you and creating a contract. After this, surrogacy lawyers are contacted to represent both parties in the contract. 

How Much is Surrogacy in Nevada?

The estimated cost for surrogacy in Nevada is between $100,000 to $125,000. This is typically the base fee, and other living expenses or costs are paid for monthly. The overall cost will depend on what is agreed upon in the contract. 

Are There Any Special Surrogacy Requirements in Nevada? 

Surrogacy requirements in Nevada are similar to those in most states and are there for a surrogate’s safety, as well the safety of the baby. According to Nevada’s surrogate eligibility laws, a woman must have “completed a medical evaluation relating to the anticipated pregnancy” and “not contribute any gametes that will ultimately result in an embryo that she will attempt to carry to term.”

Additional requirements will likely include having had no more than five vaginal births or three cesarean births, as well as having a BMI within about 19-33. 

Nevada also requires surrogates to have “legal consultation with independent legal counsel regarding the terms of the gestational agreement and the potential legal consequences of the gestational carrier arrangement.” Surrogates are often additionally required to speak fluent English, be a permanent U.S. resident, complete a background check, not receive financial aid from the government, be able to travel to and commit to going to all surrogacy and pregnancy related appointments for the duration of a year, and have the backing of their spouse, if married. 

Choose Surrogacy in Nevada Today

Because of its surrogate-friendly laws and high success rates, many intended parents choose surrogate agencies based in Nevada to fulfill their surrogacy dreams. Surrogacy by Faith is here to support you should you choose this path in Nevada! We begin by building a relationship between our intended parents and surrogates, and by faith in God, we work with clients to craft unique, personalized routes through the surrogacy process. 

Whether you’re considering giving the gift of life and becoming a surrogate, or if you’re an intended parent ready to start the process,  fill out either a surrogate initial inquiry or an intended parent or parents initial inquiry to begin. If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you and beginning this journey together. 




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