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Surrogate gifts, like any baby gifts, are here to celebrate and make way for a brand new bundle of joy. But because surrogacy involves both intended parents and a surrogate mother, there are often questions around who receives gifts for this occasion and which gifts are appropriate. For those ready to shower both intended parents and surrogates with presents leading up to the big day, here are our best ideas. Read on to discover what options delight both you and them the most!

What are the Best Surrogate Gift Ideas? 

The best surrogate gift ideas start with deciding on who is going to receive them. For the intended parents, the best gift ideas are often exactly the same as for any other baby shower. For the surrogate mother, something that will act as a reminder of this powerful experience is best. Ultimately, what you decide to gift either party depends on their personal taste and your connection with them. 

Who do you Buy Surrogate Gifts For? 

You can buy surrogate gifts for both intended parents and surrogate mothers. While the variety of gifts given might vary, a family and a surrogate embarking on the surrogacy journey together is worth celebrating. If you have a surrogate or intended parents in your life and want to celebrate everyone involved, this is considered both thoughtful and appropriate. If you are truly unsure, sometimes reaching out and asking is the best way forward. 

Best Gifts for Intended Parents

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The surrogacy journey is an emotional one for intended parents, making considerate gifts a great way to offer you support and love all while celebrating their soon-to-be parenthood. When selecting the best gifts for intended parents, choose items that cater to their needs and emotions. 

Practical gifts are often baby essentials — think strollers, car seats, or diaper bags. These gifts are always appreciated as they ease the financial burden of preparing for a child. Personalized keepsakes, like engraved jewelry or custom baby blankets, can provide a lasting memory of this exciting and special time. 

Sometimes the best gifts for intended parents are something they can indulge in themselves. Consider presents that promote relaxation and self-care, such as spa vouchers, massage sessions, or subscription boxes designed to help them unwind during this wonderful yet sometimes stressful period in their lives. 

In the end, the best gifts for intended parents are those that reflect your support as your loved ones face their new path to parenthood.

Gifts For Intended Parents from a Surrogate 

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Gifts for intended parents from a surrogate can be extremely heartfelt and meaningful. They often symbolize the incredible bond that forms between parents and their surrogate. 

When selecting a present to express your gratitude and emotions, consider thoughtful options that take into account the intended parents’ unique role in this shared experience. A heartfelt letter or a photo album capturing the significant moments throughout the pregnancy can be touching and personal, for example. Custom gifts like handcrafted baby blankets, onesies, or photo frames can serve as beautiful reminders of the surrogacy process. 

Depending on the relationship the surrogate has with the intended parents, offering to babysit, cook a meal, or assist with household chores once the baby arrives can be invaluable gifts that help ease them into parenthood. These gifts are not only helpful for the intended parents starting this new chapter but also reinforce the lasting connection between surrogate and intended parents.

Best Gifts for a Surrogate Mother 

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Surrogate mothers play an incredible role in helping others become parents.Finding the best gifts to express appreciation towards this person can be a thoughtful gesture — but can also be a daunting task. What gift is best for someone who has helped completely change your life? 

The best gifts for a surrogate mother are items that honor her selflessness, commitment, and support throughout the journey. Consider personalized gifts like custom jewelry or a handwritten letter that she can frame. Or help your surrogate take care of herself with a spa day or a weekend getaway. This will offer them a chance for relaxation and rejuvenation as well as a moment to unwind after the surrogacy process. Wellness packages, massage certificates, or a subscription to a monthly self-care box could be a perfect way to ensure she prioritizes self-care. Ultimately, the best gifts for a surrogate mother show her that her dedication is celebrated and valued.

Ideas for Surrogate Gift Baskets

Ideas for surrogate gift baskets are plentiful. They are an ideal way to express appreciation and support to both surrogates and intended parents.  

For a surrogate, consider filling the basket with pampering items such as candles, bath bombs, and skincare products. Practical items like a warm throw blanket, a new journal, or a meal delivery service can be incredibly helpful for a surrogate during and after pregnancy. Add the finishing touches, like a thoughtful thank-you card and maybe even a small treat like her favorite chocolates or snacks.

For intended parents, mixing in practical gifts for the baby and personal gifts creates the perfect blend. Baby bottles, diapers, socks, and even stuffed animals can be nestled in next to framed photos capturing the surrogacy journey, for example. In general, a considerate surrogate gift basket shows your appreciation and celebrates the journey ahead!

Surrogate Gift FAQs 

Still have questions on how to shower someone on the surrogacy journey with gifts and love? Here are our frequently asked questions that can help act as your guide to buying the best surrogacy gifts. 

How do you Congratulate a Surrogate Mother? 

Although she is not starting the same journey as intended parents, becoming a surrogate mother is still an incredible milestone. Congratulating a surrogate mother is a wonderful way to acknowledge her selflessness and the joy she has brought to intended parents. A sincere, handwritten note or a personalized card is a great way to congratulate a surrogate. Accompany this with a thoughtful gift such as a bouquet of flowers, jewelry, a well-crafted accessory, or a spa voucher to make her feel special. 

For intended parents, taking the time to have a meaningful conversation with her and acknowledging the emotional and physical journey she’s undertaken is another way to show their support. The key to congratulating a surrogate mother is to always be sincere and sensitive to her feelings, recognizing the extraordinary gift she is giving while also celebrating her role.

How do you Congratulate Intended Parents? 

Congratulating intended parents is a way to celebrate their exciting journey to parenthood. They should be congratulated like any expectant parents! Oftentimes, sending a card or a personalized message expressing your happiness for them is a great way to start. But you might also consider giving a gift that caters to their specific interests or needs, such as baby essentials, parenting books, or something for the nursery. You can also offer practical help, such as making meals or assisting with baby preparations. 

Most of all, congratulate them by letting them know they can count on you for support and words of encouragement as they embark on this transformative experience. Your love and congratulations will only further the happiness of their growing family.

Are Gifts for Surrogates on Transfer Day Appropriate? 

Yes, gifts for surrogates on transfer day are appropriate. They can also be thoughtful and considerate gestures. But it’s important to approach this matter with sensitivity and respect. While it’s normal for intended parents to want to express their appreciation through a small gift on transfer day, it’s important to make sure the surrogate is comfortable with the idea. Surrogacy is deeply personal and emotional, so some surrogates may prefer a more private and direct approach during this stage. 

Discuss your intentions with the surrogate and her feelings regarding gifts on transfer day. If she is receptive to the idea, a simple gift like a card, a bouquet of flowers, or a meaningful keepsake can convey your gratitude and excitement. Ultimately, the appropriateness of gifts on transfer day should be guided by the surrogate’s preferences and comfort.

How do you Honor a Surrogate at a Baby Shower?

Honoring a surrogate at a baby shower is a wonderful way to celebrate her selflessness and the role she’s played in making the intended parents’ dreams come true. See with your surrogate if they would be comfortable coming to the baby shower and if they would be comfortable being acknowledged through a speech or toast. If you as the intended parent are comfortable,  you might ask her to share her journey throughout this process if she’s comfortable with it. 

You might also ask attendees to create a special “Thank You” gift or a customized keepsake to acknowledge her involvement in this moment. Because although the shower is ultimately for the intended parents and the baby-to-be, making sure your surrogate feels involved and more than just a guest is important. 

Celebrate Surrogacy Today!

Don’t delay, prepare to celebrate with surrogacy gifts today! Whether it’s for intended parents, surrogate mothers, or both, mark this incredible milestone with meaningful gifts. 

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