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Choosing surrogacy in Colorado requires intended parents ready to build a family to use their head and their heart. It is an emotional decision but also one that requires lots of practical steps along the way. But when laws differ for surrogacy by location, this can make the practical side of your journey complicated. Whether you are an intended parent looking to connect with a surrogate, or a potential candidate hoping to find the perfect family to work with, you might wonder what rules and restrictions apply to you. Our ultimate guide to surrogacy in Colorado is here to help.

Colorado is one of the most  surrogacy-friendly states in the country. They have a legal framework in place, as well as knowledgeable medical professionals and renowned surrogacy agencies. For residents or neighboring states, this is an ideal state to go to for surrogacy.  With its renowned reputation and commitment to protecting the rights and interests of all parties involved, Colorado boasts a safe and sound environment for those in the surrogacy process because it is committed to protecting the rights and interests of all involved. Read on to learn more about surrogacy in Colorado.

Why Choose Surrogacy in Colorado?

Colorado is actually considered one of the best places in the United States for surrogacy. Read on to learn why one fact in particular makes surrogacy in Colorado so advantageous.

Colorado And Pre-Birth Order

One of the reasons that Colorado is considered a surrogacy-friendly state is because it allows for a pre-birth order. While many states only allow parental rights after birth, a pre-birth order is a legal document that establishes the intended parents’ parental rights before the child is born. It is a legal document that is issued for gestational surrogacy arrangements, meaning the surrogate mother has no biological link to the child. The order establishes the parental rights of the intended parents before the child is ever even born. So intended parents are recognized as the legal parents of the child from the moment of birth and their names are immediately listed on the birth certificate. This ensures that, despite having carried the child to term, the gestational surrogate has no parental rights or obligations, and that the intended parents are the rightful guardians.

Pre-birth orders are considered extremely important in surrogacy arrangements as they help prevent complications. They benefit both intended parents and surrogates, and are therefore highly sought after.

Colorado Surrogacy Law

Although Colorado is a surrogacy-friendly state, its laws might differ from surrogacy in California , surrogacy in Texas, and other neighboring states. Because there are no federal mandates regulating surrogacy, laws governing surrogacy vary from state to state. Specifically, gestational surrogacy — which involves hiring an individual not biologically related to the child to carry the pregnancy to term  — can present considerable legal intricacies.Here’s what you need to know when it comes to Colorado’s surrogacy law.

For those intended parents opting for gestational surrogacy in Colorado, asking for a pre-birth order is advised so as to establish legal parentage over the child born through this process. Because of the legal complexities involved, it is  important to seek legal counsel from a licensed fertility attorney in Colorado and get a good understanding of the prevailing surrogacy law

Colorado has legal professionals who are well-versed in surrogacy. The state’s legal expertise only reinforces its image as a surrogacy-friendly state.

Colorado Surrogacy Costs

Surrogacy in Colorado can cost between $100,000 to $125,000, as it does in many states. This is often just the base fee. Other living expenses, money for maternity close, or miscellaneous costs might be paid out monthly. The overall cost depends on what the surrogate and intended parents agree upon from the beginning in their contract.

How Much Is A Surrogate In Colorado?

Part of the overall cost is surrogate compensation. This is the money you give your surrogate mom as a token of appreciation for all the time, effort, and sacrifice she puts into carrying your little one. The pay can differ based on her experience, where she’s at, what she prefers, and the deal you’ve worked out together. According to IVF Conceptions, this fee in Colorado might start as low as $35,000 or go up to $60,000.

Surrogacy In Colorado FAQs

Have more questions about surrogacy in Colorado? You’re not alone! Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about surrogacy in this state.

How Do You Become A Surrogate In Colorado?

The best way to begin your journey should you become a surrogate in Colorado is contact an agency such as Surrogacy by Faith.  Begin by connecting with a professional to go over any questions you might have. You can either fill out our Surrogate Initial Inquiry Form, or call us at (310) 908-3323. Our staff will be happy to personally walk you through the process, and even give their own testimonials – as they’ve all been surrogates themselves! We pride ourselves on being transparent and supportive towards all of our applicants, and would love to educate you more about the beautiful and fulfilling path that awaits you by becoming a surrogate.

Certain screenings are necessary to make sure surrogacy is right for you. You need to have had a successful previous pregnancy, you should be disease-free, and you should live a healthy lifestyle. This includes not smoking or using any tobacco products, as well as using illicit drugs. You also must be a US citizen between the ages of 21 to 43 years old.

How Do You Hire A Surrogate in Colorado As An Intended Parent?

The key to kickstarting the surrogacy journey as intended parents is to team up with an agency that truly understands your wishes and requirements. After that, it’s surrogacy screenings to check if you’re good to go, and then the exciting part – finding your perfect match! Once you’ve connected with your surrogate, it’s contract-signing time, and the medical journey kicks off.

Once the pregnancy is confirmed, get ready for some pre-birth visits. It’s also the perfect moment to chat with your agency about the legal nitty-gritty of securing a pre-birth order. And when the baby arrives, well, that’s when your journey as parents officially begins or continues on!

How Do You Match With An Intended Parent If You Are A Surrogate In Nevada?

A top-notch surrogacy agency takes the time to ensure that both the intended parents and the surrogate are thrilled with their match. This involves sharing the surrogate’s profile with the intended parents and vice versa. The key is to make sure that both sides believe their values align and they can build a strong working relationship.

Once it’s certain that both are a good match, from both the surrogate and intended parents point of view, your specialist kicks off the process of introducing you and hammering out a contract. After that, surrogacy lawyers are brought in to represent both parties in sealing the deal.

Are There Any Special Surrogacy Requirements in Colorado?

There are no specific state requirements for surrogacy in Colorado. But the surrogacy requirements in Colorado are similar to those in most states and are put in place to both protect the surrogate as well as the baby. However, in the surrogacy process, it is required for both intended parents and their chosen surrogate to have individual legal representation to safeguard the rights and interests of each party.

Separate surrogacy attorneys will engage in negotiations to formalize an agreement that outlines various crucial aspects. This includes defining the rights and responsibilities of both parties, addressing potential risks and liabilities along with the corresponding courses of action, establishing terms related to surrogate compensation and other financial details such as surrogacy insurance. These negotiations cover agreements on sensitive matters like selective reduction and termination, expectations for communication throughout the surrogacy journey, and confidentiality issues. This legal framework aims to ensure clarity, fairness, and protection for all parties involved in the surrogacy arrangement.

Are Surrogates In Colorado Springs Different?

Surrogacy in Colorado Springs is not necessarily different from other cities and towns in Colorado. This city shares the same legal regulations and procedural steps, but simply might have a higher number of surrogacy agencies and facilities available within the city. Any differences experienced by surrogates or intended parents in Colorado Springs can likely be attributed to the specific agency they have chosen to work with.

Are Surrogates in Denver Different?

Like Colorado Springs, the surrogacy journey in Denver is no different than in any other Colorado city. But because it is a larger city, surrogates and intended parents will likely have more options.

Choose Surrogacy In Colorado Today!

Benefiting from surrogacy-friendly laws and impressive success rates, numerous intended parents opt for surrogate agencies based in Colorado to bring their surrogacy dreams to fruition. Surrogacy by Faith stands ready to support you on this path in Colorado! Our approach involves fostering a strong relationship between intended parents and surrogates, guided by faith in God. Together with our clients, we tailor unique and personalized routes through the surrogacy process.

Whether you’re contemplating the generous act of becoming a surrogate or you’re an intended parent eager to kickstart the process, simply fill out either a surrogate initial inquiry or an intended parent or parents initial inquiry to get things rolling. For any queries, feel free to reach out to us. We eagerly anticipate connecting with you and embarking on this journey together.


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