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Are you looking to start a family through surrogacy? Or maybe you’re interested in becoming a surrogate? Either way, we’ve put together this handy guide for anyone living in or around San Diego.

Luckily for you, you have lots of options if you’re considering surrogacy in San Diego. From finding your fertility clinic to working with the right agency, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know before starting your surrogacy journey.

What Are The Best Fertility Clinics In San Diego? 

If you’re choosing gestational surrogacy to build your family, you first have to go through a fertility clinic for the IVF procedure. Remember, surrogacy is partially a medical process and includes procedures that are known as assisted reproduction

In most cases, intended parents already have the embryo created in the fertility clinic before finding a surrogate.  The embryo transfer will then happen at that same clinic after they get matched with the surrogate who will carry their baby.

San Diego and the surrounding Southland area have plenty of great fertility clinics that you can choose from:

  • UC San Diego Health. This amazing center offers all the necessary screening to find which form of IVF and embryo transfer works best for your surrogacy journey. 
  • Hanabusa IVF. This clinic prides itself on offering personalized treatment plans and combining gentle IVF procedures with state-of-the-art technology. 

It’s generally a good idea to already have your embryo ready for transfer by the time you contact the surrogacy agency. The clinic can keep it in a deep freeze and the agency can then match you to the right surrogate since they’ve already done all the screening. This will make the process so much easier on you! 

How To Find A Surrogacy Lawyer In San Diego? 

Lawyers will play an important part in your surrogacy journey. They’re responsible for all the legal requirements, including the contracts, dealing with surrogate compensation, and establishing parental rights. 

Plus, according to California surrogacy laws, the intended parents and surrogates are legally required to have separate legal representation. 

It’s all very complicated and it can get overwhelming fast. Luckily, a surrogacy agency will handle dealing with lawyers and all legal aspects – that’s why choosing an agency is so important. The surrogacy process can get messy really quickly. 

However, if you’d still like to have an additional lawyer take a look at something to get a second opinion, there are plenty of law firms in San Diego that specialize in reproductive or fertility law: 


How To Find A Surrogacy Agency In San Diego

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Finding the right surrogacy agency is an incredibly important part of the process so let’s go over how to find the right one.

What Does A Surrogacy Agency Do?

 Most agencies will help intended parents with the services below:

  • Screening surrogates to make sure they’re physically and emotionally ready.
  • Matching parents with the surrogate.
  • Counseling so that everyone can navigate surrogacy – it can sometimes be a bumpy journey! 
  • Dealing with surrogate compensation, including reimbursements that are part of California surrogacy law (like lost wages). 
  • Coordinating with lawyers on every legal aspect of the process.  

Remember, they are lots of ins and outs and it’s not always clear what your next step should be. That’s why a surrogacy agency is so important – they’re basically your guide through the whole process. 

Tips to Choose the Best Surrogacy Agency in San Diego

Before selecting the right agency, make sure that:

  • They share your values. For example, here at Surrogacy By Faith, we are guided by our Christian values. Although, we are based in Irvine, CA, we also work with anyone based in San Diego.
  • They focus on building relationships between parents and surrogates.
  • They offer great benefits and compensation to surrogates to ensure a healthy pregnancy.
  • They pay the surrogate travel expenses to come to San Diego. 

If as a surrogate or an intended parent, you are based in San Diego, remember that your match may be in another state. That’s why you always have to check with your agency where they operate.

How Much Does Surrogacy Cost In San Diego?

California is a surrogacy-friendly state and surrogates command higher pay here. However, the cost of surrogacy always depends on the agency you’ll be using and the services they offer.

Depending on various factors that affect the cost, surrogacy in San Diego can cost anywhere from $100,000 to $130,000. This may seem steep and you may be tempted to try independent surrogacy without an agency, but that might end up costing you even more. That’s because finding a reliable, healthy, and qualified surrogate is not an easy process. 

Why Choose Surrogacy By Faith? 

surrogacy by faith

Surrogacy By Faith is based in Irvine, California. But we’re still happy to work with our southern neighbors to the south – if you’re in San Diego and are looking for a premium surrogacy agency to guide you on your family-building journey, then Surrogacy by Faith is the perfect choice for you. 

Plus, we’re a Christian surrogacy agency, although you don’t have to be Christian to join us! Our faith and values drive everything that we do and we see it as our mission to help build families. We value the relationship between surrogate and intended parent above all – we want it to be human rather than “strictly business”. 

This means our highly-qualified surrogates are motivated by family values and a desire to help build families.

If you’re interested in becoming a surrogate or a parent through surrogacy, be sure to contact us today! We’ll be with your every step of the way and guide you through this process.

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